CityNet CDN pops currently available at 170 Locations world wide, you can select your prefered locations or select them all.

CityNet CDN is a Content Acceleration service improves the performance of your web site while maximizing reliability and stability. With Content Acceleration, you can quickly and reliably serve cacheable content from your site. JPGs, GIFs, CSS, JS, HTML and PDFs are just some of the types of content that can be accelerated using our Content Acceleration service.

Even at times of unexpected traffic surges or temporary network interruptions, the Content Acceleration service smoothes and speeds web site delivery everywhere in the world. That's because the most frequently requested web page content is transmitted through globally distributed cache servers throughout CityNet CDN network partners rather than from your origin servers.

CityNet CDN Futures:

- Accelerate unlimited number of web sites
- 170 Locations world wide
- Bandwidth $0.05 GB

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

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